Neptune Sky Compatible Light Shade Render - Front
Neptune Sky Compatible Light Shade Render - Back
Neptune Sky Compatible Light Shade Render - Cord Wedge

Neptune Sky Compatible Light Shade

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3d printed light shade compatible with the Neptune SKY LED aquarium light. Bringing the focus back to the display aquarium, this light shade blocks glare from the sunlight simulating LEDs used to grow coral.

While the intense light is needed for the coral's growth the excess spillage of light from above the display forces our eyes constrict the amount of light they take in: making the aquarium appear darker. 3d printed solid black plastic blocks the light spill above the aquarium which will suddenly become easier to look at without having to use a hand as a visor against the light spill. 

3d printed with extreme quality and detail, each Eel River Coral SKY compatible light shade takes over 36 hours to print on our large scale printer. Printed with solid walls and rigid features and with long term durability in mind. This light shade can handle the saltwater, the heat, the humidity and anything you throw at it! It's smooth walls make this light shade easy to clean. It's straight visor designs prevents dust from settling and wasted footprint of other designs with a flared visors. 

Special accommodations are made in the light shade to allow it to slip over the Neptune SKY LED light with or without the removable logo badge on the front of the light fixture. A perfectly placed cord passthrough and slot cover wedge are included allowing full 360 degree light protection. The unique curved surfaces of the Neptune SKY LED light are matched internally on this light shade to make a perfect fit that can't be accidently knocked off or displaced during aquarium maintenance.

Compatible Light Fixtures:

  • Neptune SKY LED Light

Product Dimensions:

  • 367x280x102mm
  • 14.44" x 11.02" x 4.01"


  • 3d Printed SKY compatible light shade
  • SKY cord wedge


Need more than we have in stock? Some people have larger tanks with multiple fixtures, and we are happy to help. Just contact us and let us know how many you need for your setup and we'll produce them to order if we do not have enough inventory on the website.


"SKY" is a trademark of Neptune Systems. Eel River Coral and it's products are not affiliated with Neptune Systems.