16oz Live Phytoplankton

Live Phytoplankton - Nannochloropsis oculata

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  • 16oz of Live Phytoplankton - Nannochloropsis oculata 
    • Live food source for corals and zooplankton
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      Live phytoplankton can be dosed in the reef aquarium to provide a live and natural food source for corals and zooplankton. Feeding the zooplankton in your tank allows for them to breed and multiply providing a source of food for fish and coral. This product is a live culture of Nannochloropsis oculata, a popular species of phytoplankton for use as a reef food.

      Dosing Instructions:

      1.  Close lid of product and turn upside down a few times to distribute any plankton that may have settled.

      2. Dose 1-5ml of product per gallon of tank water. The ideal amount to use is different for every tank so it's important to pay attention to the results and adjust as needed.

      3. Return lid to bottle but leave un-tightened to allow air flow. Place product in fridge to extend product life.

      Growing Instructions:

      You can grow your own culture of phytoplankton from this live starter culture! Simply save some of the contents of this bottle and replenish the culture with 1.019sg salt water and 1/2ml of Guillards' F2 fertilizer solution.


      • 1x Sealed 16oz bottle of Live Phytoplankton - Nannochloropsis oculata