Kessil H80/A80 PETG Light Shade

Kessil H80/A80 PETG Light Shade

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3d printed light shade to focus light downward on the Kessil H80/A80 PETG light. Thick PETG plastic designed to withstand the high heat of the passively cooled Kessil H80/A80. Rests on top of the light fixture with a small lip around the top inside perimeter of the light shade.

These shades are an elegant way to eliminate the light bleed and glowing room effect. They provide a much better viewing experience with the aquarium while maintaining the benefits of the high output light. No diffuser or material is impeding the light path so no reduction in PAR in the active area occurs.

Compatible Light Fixtures:

  • Kessil H80 Tuna Flora
  • Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

Product Dimensions:

  • 130x130x80mm


  • 1x PETG Kessil H80/A80 PETG Light Shade