Diagonal view of Kessil H160 PETG light shade in black.
Before and after photo of using the Kessil H160 light shade which prevents light bleed and excessive algae growth on skimmers and other surfaces.

Kessil H160 PETG Light Shade

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Adjustable light shade to focus light downward on the Kessil H160 Tuna Flora refugium grow light. Extra thick PETG plastic designed to withstand the high heat of the passively cooled Kessil H160. Attaches to light fixture with 3 adjustable nylon screws allowing the perfect height to be set by the user. Designed to focus the light downward and prevent light spill which can lead to algae growing inside skimmers and other equipment.

Compatible Light Fixtures:

  • Kessil H160 Tuna Flora

Product Dimensions:

  • 76.2 x 127mm
  • 3" x 5"


  • 1x PETG Kessil H160 Tuna Flora Light Shade
  • 3x M5x20mm Nylon Black Screws
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Keith F.
United States

Perfect Fit - Just what I needed

This is just what any Reef Keeper needs - perfect fit and stops all light spill in my sump that was causing algae to grow in unwanted places.

Stephan L.
Canada Canada

Kessil H160 PETG Light Shade

This light shade is perfect, fits well over the Kessil 160 and provides exactly the right amount of shade needed, completely blocking out the light from my skimmer area.

United States United States

Fantastic accessory!!

I ordered this shade for my Kessil H160 fuge light. I am using a Bashsea sump with the center section as my refugium. The problem I've been having is light spill over into the skimmer section and it's causing algae to grow in that section as well as on my skimmer so I thought I'd give this a try. The shade is well made and fit perfectly. The flared square bottom is genius! If your refugium is square like mine, this makes it easy to get the perfect sized "square of light" to fit your refugium. Secondly; the round top part being made larger than the light fixture with adjustable Nylon thumb screws is another great addition. This oversized section allows free flow airspace around the light fixture which in turn lets the heat rise right up and away from your light/shade. I have checked both the shade and the light fixture and neither is hot at all, they are just slightly warm to the touch. My shade arrived packaged up nice and secure via USPS Priority mail. The shade was easy to attach and adjust to my H160 refugium light and it works FANTASTIC! I was able to adjust it vertically on the light fixture to get just the right amount of light shining only into the refugium section of my sump. Though it's only been a few days I can confidently say that there is almost zero light spilling over into the other sections of my sump now so my algae problem should be resolved soon now. I was a little worried about heat either melting the shade or my light over heating but my worries were unfounded. The light and shade are not getting hot at all, it's just slightly warm to the touch and the Nylon thumb screws will easily withstand much hotter temps than I'm getting with my setup. The over sizing of the shade top that attaches to the light fixture(round part) is obviously doing exactly as intended, it allows any heat from your light to just rise up and away from the shade/fixture. Bravo Eel River Coral, this shade is worth every penny! One nice effect I didn't expect is that the shade has cut down on the light spilling out from my stand too. Previously I had light blasting out from all the small cracks around the doors and out the back of the stand, it looked like I had a light cannon in there and it was pretty distracting in the evening. This shade cut down on probably at least 60-70% of that!! NICE.